Finding a Good Patong Condo Rental

Published: 14th March 2012
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Finding a good accommodation in Phuket that is not just comfortable but also pocket-friendly is a challenging task. Besides, if you intend to travel to this beautiful city in peak tourist season then the chances of getting a good accommodation is rather bleak. So how do you really save yourself from the hassle of looking for an economical yet luxurious accommodation in Phuket? The answer is – by booking a Patong condo rental!

There are several reasons why most tourists choose a Patong condo rental or a Phuket condo for rent over crammed and steeply priced hotel rooms. For one, a Patong condo or a Phuket condo is very spacious and has multiple rooms that make accommodating even large groups of people under a single roof extremely simpler and cost-effective. Plus, a good short term Patong condo is located in close proximity to some of the major attractions in the city, which saves tourists time, energy and money in travelling. The picture-perfect location of a Patong condo rental is a better choice than crowded and noisy locations of hotels in busy commercial areas or remote corners of Phuket. A condo for rent Phuket has a host of facilities and luxuries including gyms, swimming pools for kids and adults, self catering pool bars, Wi-Fi, modular kitchens and plush bathrooms with modern fittings that make your stay extra comfortable and pampering at no additional cost. Availing such luxuries at a hotel will cost you a good amount of additional charges. All the money that you save by staying in a quiet, beautiful and comfortable condo for rent Phuket can be utilised in sight-seeing, shopping, enjoying the vibrant nightlife or indulging in other activities in this exciting city!

Thus, a Patong condo rental is a smarter, better and more economical choice than a hotel room, any given day. But to avail luxuries such as these, you need to plan well in advance. The perennial demand for both long term condo for rent Patong and short term Patong condo options make it rather imperative for you to start looking for them much in advance.

The two quickest and most effective ways to look for a Patong condo rental are through the Internet and by asking around in your social circles. Let us discuss how both these options help you find the best Phuket condo for rent.

The Internet: The World Wide Web can indeed be the best source to find the most comfortable and cost-effective Phuket condo for rent. Typically, all the reputed and reliable condominium complexes have their professional websites on the Internet. These websites contain all the pertinent information about the location of the Phuket condo, its distance from major tourist attractions in the city as well as commercial hubs, the number of rooms available, the facilities and services provided as well as tariffs. They also tell you whether you can avail a short term Patong condo or a long term condo for rent Patong. You can find all relevant information that you might need to acquire before you book a Patong condo rental on these websites. Plus, these websites also have client reviews and testimonials sections where you can read reviews from guests who have stayed at the particular Phuket condo. These reviews help you get a clearer and honest idea about the quality of services and facilities available at the Patong condo. At the same time, these websites also allow you to make booking directly so that you can book a Patong condo rental much in advance and beat the peak season rush. If you are lucky, you may also bag yourself an attractive discount by booking making an advance online booking for a plush Phuket condo for rent.

Family friends and acquaintances: When it comes to booking a Phuket condo for rent, first hand experience always matters. Since Phuket is a hot tourist destination, there is a high chance that you know someone who has already been there before and has a good idea about the variety of long term condo for rent Patong and short term Patong condo options available. It is always best to seek their opinion about the quality of these condos and the level of service before making a booking. To ensure there is no disparity between what you read about a Phuket condo on an online website and what you hear from your family member or colleague who has been there before, it is strongly advised to use the query-mail service on the website and get all your questions and apprehensions cleared.

Here’s hoping that these tips will help you locate the best and the most cost effective Patong condo rental for your next vacation in Phuket!

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